Outstanding Industry Contribution Award


Since 2005 AIMIA has awarded an Outstanding Industry Contribution award. This award is given by the National Committee of AIMIA, to a person or persons who is has not only given outstanding service to the industry over a number of years, but who also has demonstrated inspiring leadership and stewardship in how the industry has evolved. 

As part of the 22nd AIMIA Awards celebration, this year’s Outstanding Industry Contribution Award winner and all past winners are inducted into the AIMIA Hall of Fame.

This year's inductee is John Butterworth.

John has had over twenty years in the digital industry Australian and international strategic and operational leadership experience, initially in business information services (specialising in TMT), and since 1996 exclusively in the digital sector. Pioneered the launch of a range of Australia's first online real-time information services supported by both advertising and subscriptions.

John was CEO of AIMIA July 2004-September 2013. 


Our past Outstanding Industry Contribution winners inducted into the AIMIA Hall of Fame are:

2005   Tom Kennedy
2006   Chris Winter
2008   Peta Pash
2010   Sally Mills
2011   Oliver Weildlich
2012   Rachel Dickson
2013   Jennifer Wilson
2014   Sandra Davey
2015   Paul McCarthy
2016   John Butterworth