10th Edition - Special Topic: Mobile Phone Use Compared To The Tablet And Personal Computer

Aussies Prefer Mobile Phones over TVs

Sydney, 4th December 2014 – AIMIA today released the independent findings of the 2014 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI). Each year the survey provides valuable independent information and identifies trends regarding the preferences of Australian mobile phone users. This year’s special topic analysed mobile phone use compared to tablet and PC use.

The 2014 report identifies key trends including:

  • 61 per cent of respondents chose a mobile phone over a TV while 70 percent chose a car over a mobile phone.
  • When given the choice between a mobile phone, half would choose a mobile phone, 34 per cent would select a PC and 16 percent of respondents would choose a tablet.
  • Approximately 30 per cent of respondents claimed that they always use their mobile phone while in bed, and watching TV, while 39 per cent always use their phone while travelling on public transport.
  • 34 per cent of respondents only have a mobile phone and no landline (home) phone.
  • The PC is the preferred device for making purchases over tablets and mobile phones, with 93 per cent of PCs making purchases on their device. This is compared to 73 per cent of tablet owners who had made a purchase on their tablets, and 58 per cent of mobile phone owners, who had made a purchase on their mobile phones.
  • Just over a third of respondents don’t want to receive personalised ads on their mobile phone, personal computer or tablet.

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