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AIMIA is the Digital Industry Association of Australia, representing digital organisations and professionals ranging from small start-ups, agencies through to the largest global players. 

Experts in all areas of digital and the internet including mobile, content marketing, social, search, UX, design... This is the hub for the Australian digital industry.

Community News

Spotlight on the AMYs: INCSnap - Winner 21st AIMIA Awards

Mnet Mobile won the 2015 AMY Award for the Best Smartphone or Tablet Application - Government and Non Profit for INCSnap (Incident Snap). In a sentence, INCSnap is a mobile app used by emergency services field personnel that captures images and notes securely, stamps them with geo location and time data then sends the information to headquarters for analysis. It is the first mobile solution of its kind that serves on the front line of emergency services that had had a marked impact saving personal property and people's lives.

Back to the future: Let's revisit SMS marketing

Contemporary mobile marketing is usually associated with mobile applications and mobile websites and often SMS marketing is left behind. SMS easily gets associated with the past and as modern marketers we tend to try find the latest marketing trends to make marketing work. The latest marketing trends are relevant as customers love new experiences and jump from one campaign excitement to the other, very fast. However, to grab customers’ attention in this advertising cluttered era, SMS is a clever tool to grab their attention instantly. SMS can be compared to a compass when travelling to a destination, the purpose is to serve as guidance and drive the customer journey.

22nd AMY Awards Call Out: Judges for New Digital Categories

The Awards for digital brilliance are here.

The 22nd AMY Awards will open for entries in less than 2 weeks on 5 October 2015.

Celebrating digital brilliance, the AMYs are prestigious awards reflecting the high calibre of digital work produced by Australia’s bright and innovative individuals and businesses.

Mind the digital Gap...

The World Economic Forum recently ranked Australia as the 18th digital economy in the world. The report paints a dark picture for Australia as our rank continues to slide. What do we need to do be a top 10 digital economy?
Read the report



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