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AIMIA represents the digital industry in Australia. From small start-ups, agencies through to the largest global players. Experts in all areas of digital and the internet including mobile, content marketing, social, search, UX, design...
This is the hub for the Australian digital industry.

Community News

Thought leadership: Boards don’t need to be savvy about digital

Rob Wong, AIMIA CEO - For companies being affected by digital disruption, boards don’t need to be digitally savvy, but they do need to be engaged in their industry, and aware of the significant threats and opportunities facing their businesses - often involving digital implications.

AIMIA Launches Australia's First Accredited Online Digital Marketing Diploma in Partnership with RedHill Education Group and The Left Bank School

AIMIA today announced that it has entered into a partnership with the ASX listed RedHill Education Group to deliver Australia’s first online VET accredited Diploma of Business (Digital Marketing). This nationally accredited course will be delivered by RedHill’s online learning business unit The Left Bank School, and is endorsed by AIMIA’s Digital Training Academy advisory group.


5 disruptive forces happening right now

Recently I was asked to predict what forces, industries or businesses would be causing the most business disruption. While it is is hard to really predict what the next big disruption will look like it is possible to see forces at play right now that are going to have a major impact on the way businesses are run.

Mind the digital Gap...

The World Economic Forum recently ranked Australia as the 18th digital economy in the world. The report paints a dark picture for Australia as our rank continues to slide. What do we need to do be a top 10 digital economy?
Read the report



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